Board of Trustees

  1. Willard Mushove (Chairman)
  2. Juliet Matare (Head Human Capital Development)
  3. Elisha Tshuma
  4. Austin Wamedza
  5. Sweeten Mpofu
  6. Erasmus Mavondo
  7. Caesar Bare
  8. Inviolata T. Sithole
  9. Elywin Mudungwe
  10. Yotamu Jacob
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Having 30 Years Experience

About Africa Centre for Customs, Excise and Trade Studies (ACCETS)

Africa Centre for Customs, Excise and Trade Studies (ACCETS) is a training division of the Zimbabwe Institute of Certified Customs and Excise Experts Trust (ZICCEET). The ZICCEET was registered in Zimbabwe under Notarial Trust Deed number 2470/2019. It is a not for profit organisation and is member driven. The ZICCEET registered ACCETS as a training institution with the Zimbabwe ministry responsible for higher and tertiary education.

What We Do

One of the objects of ZICCEET is to protect and promote the integrity of the customs and excise profession for the benefit of its members and national development in customs and excise by the provision of and facilitation of professional training and research in Customs, Excise and trade matters.

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